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LOVELY LOVECRAFT is a webcomic based on life and tales of U.S author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Is intended to fans and to uninitiated as well and it reimagines the world-famous Cthulhu Mythos mixing cartoonish character design with dark thematics. PLOT: Howard is a 12 year old boy who has just moved to the ancient town of Arkham. His normal yet solitary life is turned upside down when, snooping in the attic of the old house once owned by a mysterious antiquarian named Randolph Carter, he finds a damaged copy of the notorious Necronomicon. After reading aloud some of the formulas, Howard's mind opens on a new comprehension of reality and gains a dark knowledge sufficient to drive anyone mad ... except him. Helped by a mistakenly summoned Night Gaunt, Howard begins his journey through the mysteries of Arkham where the terrible Outer Gods have been trapped and forced to live an human-like existence. Used to wait for aeons in the darkest regions of space, most of them take lightly their new condition, except for the eager and hyperactive Nyarlathotep who desperately wants to break free of the curse.


» Lovely Lovecraft launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Lovely Lovecraft! Comics coming soon!

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